Education-Bitter first, sweet later, Aristotle quote explained

Aristotle Quote
by Postmaters blogger 10 Jun , 2016

Well this is not something you have to study hard in order to get a good job and make money

      This is one of the most popular quote by ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. Perhaps the most influential man ever lived on this planet. The greatness of Aristotle is unthinkable , who lived before 2000 more years back and is still glorified in the 20th century. Have you ever think about why he is still so popular  even when  the world has changed a lot.The answer is there's is something which is beyond changes and alteration  and that is truth and knowledge.The purpose and objective of education never change for humanity.

      Now let's talk about what is education. Don't misinterpret your college graduation as education. The true goal of education is to develop positive personality traits such as contentment,  right conduct, moral values, compassion, courage,empathy, humility etc.

      Every person is born with different skills and character. To change or alter one's character is the real hard task for everyone. Keep in mind that "The hardest things in you life make you become stronger" . I guess you already got a hint to what I am talking about. If you want to be courageous you need to start doing things you fear about. If you want to cultivate forbearance you need to be quiet. Without suffering, there would be no compassion. But suffering is bitter in life. That is the reason everybody hates about personality training classes. For instance, a policeman has to complete his training courses which are full of hard tasks to manage with.

      There is a fact about  Gautama Buddha. He practiced hard self-torturing methods to develop self-discipline. He used to refrained himself from eating food and lived in solitude to practice forbearance and  toleration. He becomes one of the top influential humans in history.

      The truth is all people born with both positive and negative qualities. We need to improve what is positive inside us meanwhile more important is how much we wipe out the negative things. If you are inspired by this post first thing you have to do is a personal evaluation of yourself. 


Resembling Quotes

1) Knowing others is intelligence , knowing yourself is wisdom

-Lao Tzu

2) Knowing yourself is the begining of all wisdom


2) I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

-Mark Twain