Everything You Need To Know About Ocean Explorations

Ocean Exploration
by Postmaters blogger 29 Nov , 2015

Why is ocean  exploration difficult? 

Do you know there are only 3 persons ever gone to the deepest part of the ocean while 12 apollo astronaut walked on the moon. So the question is why ocean exploration is   important?  

These are ever asked questions about ocean all the time.The truth is we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the ocean.Only 3% ocean is explored by humans and rest 97% is yet to explore.We know only 2% about the marine species.It is estimated as 30% of money spending every year for ocean exploration studies in comparison with space programs.

Here is some interesting thing about the ocean.

Ocean has underwater mountain ranges which  are 20 times more in length than the himalayan mountain range.

Underwater lake which contain species only lives in it.

The ocean has underwater waterfalls and volcanic eruption.

Ever heard about Gulf stream? It is an Atlantic ocean  current occupy 100 times more water than all the rivers on earth and is flowing 300 times faster  than Amazon (97 Km/day)

Sunlight goes only 1000 metre deep while the average depth of the ocean is about 4000 metre (4 km).

Almost all living creature lives underwater have its own light source because of darkness.

The pressure at the deep part of the ocean is more than 1000 bar which seems like 50 jumbo jets on a person's head.The living species are adapted to withstand this water pressure.Ocean exploration studies would provide radical knowledge about life forms and universal facts.Though life originated from the water itself.

Why is exploration difficult?

There are so many factors  hinder us from deep-sea researches.

Water pressure

The deepest point on earth is Challenger deep which is 11971 metre.The pressure at this point is more than 1000 bar.Its is very complicated to develop research equipment that withstand this high pressure.It possibly needs  1-foot thick metal sphere to design apparatus that could resist water pressure, flawless metal with no crack is mandatory.Not only the crew compartment but specially designed research apparatus is required to conduct ocean floor studies.

Lower temperature

The temperature at ocean floor inside challenger deep is near 0-degree celsius.Though all design should  include its own heating system to defy cold temperature conditions.

This cold temperature doubles the difficulty which is more complicated than space systems.


Darkness is another hindrance.At ocean floor, there is no sunlight.It is extreme darkness out there.It is hard to see more than 20 metres without adequate lighting system.

Limited area of exploration

we all know that more than 70% earth area is covered by ocean.When conducting an ocean floor study it is a hard task to cover more than 1 kilometer square in a single mission.