Vaccination and preventable diseases

life,29 Nov , 2015
by Postmaters blogger 29 Nov , 2015

Vaccination is the process of immunization by vaccines. Vaccines are substances contain weakened or dead virus or bacteria. Vaccinations prevent infectious disease caused by both virus and bacteria .Most vaccines are injected and some are by mouth. This vaccines boost immune system by developing antibodies.The memory cells associated with antibodies recognise future infections for a lifetime of an individual.

In simple body has immune system for itself. When a weakened or dead germ of a particular disease is injected to body,it creates an antibody by itself preparing the body to fight against future infections of that disease.So it is mandatory for  person to take vaccinations for common infectious diseases. Vaccination prevents about 90% of diseases like polio,diptheria and small pox and are  very less likely to prevent tuberculosis.Most common vaccines are over 60% effective and saves millions of lives each year.

Following diseases can be effective prevented by vaccines.

Polio -  viral disease cause inflammation in braincells that leads to paralysis and death

Measle - viral disease cause red spots and rash leads might leads to pneumonia

Smallpox-  viral disease cause widespread pustular eruption

Pertussis- or Whooping cough  bacterial disease cause infection of larynx trachea due to intense cough might lead to death

Diphtheria-   bacterial infection cause breathing difficulties

Influenza -  viral infection cause fever respiratory infections body pain etc

Neonatal tetanus -bacterial disease in infants affects central nervous system  leads to paralysis

Vaccination are also prevent diseases including mumps,tuberculosis,HPV,yellow fever,rabies,rotavirus,A,B hepatitis etc