we can't solve problems

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by Postmaters blogger 28 May , 2016

     If you google search Albert Einstein quotes you will see this one on the very front page itself. Even if it appears everywhere it is quite confusing for most of us. It can be understood if you give sufficient amount of time to think about it.I found 3 different ways to explain it. So you will get a clear understanding. Besides, I am not sure  if there  are any other dimensions to his opinion.I guess not.

Firstly let's do some mathematics we learned at school.

Heard about integration and differentiation in calculus.

Where we can't solve an integral equation just by applying integration. We solve an integral equation by differentiating it. Likewise, a differential equation is solved by integration, not by differentiation itself. Maybe now things are getting a bit easier for you. I know that not everyone studied maths.

Now consider that we are holding a balance in our hand. We need to maintain equal weight on each side. If the weights at both sides are not the same, What we need to do is to balance it. Sure we don't add more weight to the hanging side. We just add it on the opposite side.

Where we interfere most of our problems is in our day-to-day life. Not a single person or a country is problem free in this world. For instance, take two examples. "War and fire". A fire cannot be stopped by the fire itself .We need water to do that. Starting another war is not the solution to existing war. So that is a well sophisticated and simple quote. Isn't ?