What is education?

world,30 Nov , 2015
by Postmaters blogger 30 Nov , 2015

Word education has too much importance than common man can ever imagine. People generally misinterpret college graduation as education.   Education is really about the personal understandings about the life itself. This includes a personal ability to empathize feelings and emotions of others and himself. Collectively education is developing a positive attitude towards the world around. A positive attitude can be developed from fundamental understanding about life.

For example, what we can learn from a food chain is that one living species is the basic food of other species. A snake eats rat and falcon eats snakes. Though one life form creates unfavourable situations to others. Most insects are being eaten by reptiles and tiny birds. Its is same in the animal kingdom too. While in the case of humans, are most advanced life form among all. Hence in contrary to animals, humans create adverse situations each other resulting suicides, murders, wars etc. These bottom level understanding helps to face adverse situation with a positive attitude without letting external events or circumstance to ravage one's joyous quality mind-set.

An appropriate education should cultivate positive qualities such  contentment, compassion, courage, love, willpower, self-control and self-sufficiency.  Amongst of all contentment is important one. The source of sorrow and unhappiness is largely associated with lack of contentment in life. When a person is incapable in adjusting external changes and misfortunes, he starts worrying because of it. Flexible to manage unfavorable environment is the mark of good personality. This flexibility is not only inherent but can be developed.  An old school lesson is that grandfather asked his son in law that which wolf will win the battle if one wolf is of anger, jealous and sorrowful while the second one is of compassion, love and endurance. Later his answer was that which wolf he feed would win the battle. Conquer one's own negative qualities is long way journey, though. Thus, education is  the real manmaking. While University education provides knowledge, in particular,  segment some religious practices  aims to develop personality traits.