Why do women like colors and flowers more?

life,30 Nov , 2015
by Postmaters blogger 30 Nov , 2015

Why do women like clothes  and flowers more?

Woman concerns more about clothing than man. A number of factors such as psychological and genetical are behind this tendency. Biological factors come into play by various ways. Woman's eyes are more sensitive to color vision. Studies reveal that men are more color blind in comparison with  the woman.Many men are not aware of their color blindness. Color blindness means no utter blindness. The human eye can discriminate about 10 million colors. For a color blind person, this could be about 7-8 million. He might perceive dark violet as blue. Red and green color blindness are the most common type of color blindness.

Human retina contains two types of photoreceptors. Rod cells and cone cells. Rod cells are for night vision  and cone cells are responsible for color. There is about 120 million Rod cells and 6-7 million cone cells. Cone cells have 3 types of photo pigments such as red, green and blue. In some woman,  the retina has  total 4 photo pigments allowing them to see extra millions of colors. Women identify more shades of red than of men in general. Hence, clothes and colors appeared fascinating for their eyes.

Well, this is not the only concern. A general saying is Men aspire reputation, power and money while women love care and relationship. Woman brain thinks a lot about their appearance and apparels.Therefore no wonder why mirrors are pretty important for them.