Why dogs are awesome

life,29 Nov , 2015
by Postmaters blogger 29 Nov , 2015

Planet earth is blessed with the wide variety of lifeforms. Many of those creations are  in charming colors and appearance. Some others amaze us with their uniqueness in their adaptability and behaviors. Dogs are a the real breathtaking animal because of its incredible smell sensing power. Dogs have over 250 million olfactory receptors in their noses while humans have 6 million. Besides 40% of dogs brain is adapted to process smell information. Dogs are even capable of identifying pregnancy and cancer with their unique smelling ability. A trained dog can detect a single rotten apple from a set of 500.

Owing to their potential sense of smell, Specialised training are given to dogs  for


Tracking criminals

Detecting marijuana and other illegal drugs, Gold etc in airports and police checks.

Detecting hidden explosives

Electronic substance detection etc


Dogs needed to bring within 2-3 days to a place where the criminal activity took place. This is the natural time taken to diffuse the smell of person conducted the crime.Sensitivity to high pitched sounds is distinguishable attributes of dogs. The sound of walking, a clash of utensil  are types of high pitched noises.


Like every creature nature given some imperfections  in addition to dogs high sense perception. A number of substances can repel dogs away. Chili pepper and vinegar are natural substances used to prevent dogs  when sprinkled on the particular area. Ammonia is another alternatives as well.